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We are Maxwell

A small yet passionate group of entrepreneurs and software engineers. Meet the different faces of Maxwell.

Changing the way Shopify entrepreneurs do marketing.

Today, Shopify makes it easier than ever to launch an online store. At the same time, growing sales is harder than ever before. Increased competition paired with an overwhelming number of marketing tools can make it difficult to sell more than $1,000 in products. At Maxwell, we believe most Shopify entrepreneurs face three growth challenges:

  1. Attracting visitors to the store
  2. Converting visitors into first-time customers
  3. Retaining customers for repeat purchases

That’s why we are building Maxwell — to give starting entrepreneurs a sustainable way to grow their business. One day at the time.

With Maxwell’s single marketing hub, everything is set up to provide you simple and actionable tools for each growth challenge. This way you can focus on creating memorable customer experiences instead of dealing with complicated marketing tools.

Whether you’re just getting started or already growing sales, we’d love for you to give Maxwell a try for free and see the difference a single marketing hub and unified approach can make.

We're here to help you reach your first $1m in revenue.

Pricing made Simple.

All inclusive, unlimited usage and a fixed price.


Make our Shopify app work in every step of the marketing funnel. Edit and translate our templates for any language.

  • Run Facebook Ads
  • Offer Chat Plugins
  • Collect Messenger Subscribers
  • Send Welcome Messages
  • Recover Abandoned Carts
  • Run Time-Sensitive Sale Campaigns
  • Share Shipping Notifications
  • Edit All Templates
  • Analyze Performance
  • Get VIP Support

Pricing made Simple.

All inclusive, unlimited usage and a fixed price.

Get Started for free FREE plan available. No hidden costs.